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HYDRID AI Workshop

For Behind the Scenes Creatives in Film, TV, and Games

Tuesday, August 13, 6PM - 8PM

Hybrid - Online and Limited In-person Seats

Will AI take over the role of the stunt performer? The special effects artist? The costume makers or the set designers? 

Hear from renowned filmmakers about how they have created their professional and award-winning AI projects as well as their expert insights into how this technology will affect all types of behind the scenes roles. Speakers include Lynn Rogoff, Regic Terencio, and Matty Shumira.

Limited spaces available: SPONSORS, PRESENTERS/DEMOS, and VENDORS

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Networking, presentations, screening, and awards

Wednesday/Thursday Oct 23 & 24

Cranford Theater, Cranford, NY

The New Jersey Summit is the first stop in the 2025 tour, with speakers, special film events, Q&A with the creatives behind the scenes, and film screenings showcasing the work of New Jerseys’ most talented behind the scenes creatives.

Limited spaces available: SPONSORS, PRESENTERS/DEMOS, and VENDORS

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The TAMMIES film festival focuses on the artists who create the props, sets, costumes, special effects, and other behind-the-scenes elements of film and television production and is a celebration of the creative and technical work that goes into bringing stories to life on screen. Our festival includes an in-person screening of films that showcase the work of these artists, as well as panel discussions and workshops with industry professionals who share their experiences and insights about the art and craft of creating movie magic. 

Additionally, the festival features a small con where attendees can learn more about the tools, techniques, and technologies used by these artists and perhaps even try their hand at creating some of these elements themselves. Overall, our festival provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers, fans, and industry professionals to come together and appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into creating memorable and immersive film and television experiences.

Festival Endorsements

"The Art of Movie Making Film Fest is a tremendous and unique opportunity for behind-the-scenes talent in the film industry. Anyone who is working on special effects, props, costumes, makeup, and other below the line roles and contributing to the arts of film should consider submitting." - Director Mark Polish, known for for Twin Falls Idaho (1999), Murmur (2022) and The Astronaut Farmer (2006).

What people are saying

"Their sophisticated team and their unique vision of cinema makes this festival so special. It was an honor for me and my team to win an award with "The Archive". Although we were continents away, it was like we were there in the in-person event." - Sajjad Abdollahi

"Huge shout out to all of the staff for making me feel more welcome than a lot of other festivals have! Major kudos and I definitely foresee coming back!" - Dream Corridor Productions

"What an amazing weekend we had! Great fest! Great team! Great films!" - Joe Sernio (Loved, The Bastard Sons

"... the TAMMFF team is amazing. They made us feel a part of the excitement even 3000 miles away. They truly support indie film and its filmmakers." - Colin Francis Costello (Storage)

Our 2024 Event Sponsors

Our 2024 Event Sponsors

We are currently seeking sponsors for our 2024 in-person and virtual events. Please contact us if interested.