Often, the work of the artists who create props, sets, costumes, and other elements of film and television production goes largely unseen and unrecognized by the general public. TAMMFF was created to shed light on the contributions of the artists who work behind the scenes to make films great, provide those artists with portfolio-building opportunities, and create a sense of community among the makers, builders, and creatives breathing life into films. 


The Art of Movie Making Film Festival, affectionately known as the TAMMIES, is not your typical film fest. This Fest focuses on the artists who create the props, sets, costumes, special effects, and other behind-the-scenes elements of film and television production and is a celebration of the creative and technical work that goes into bringing stories to life on screen. These are the unsung heroes of movie magic who are not usually granted categories in Film Fests.

That said, our festival provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers, fans, and industry professionals to come together and appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into creating memorable and immersive film and television experiences. Our goal is not only to celebrate these talented artists but also give them an opportunity to gain credibility for their portfolio and get connected to studios and production companies that hire these types of artists and makers for their feature length films.


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Presentations, Panels, and Awards: Saturday June 22, 2024

Screening: Sunday June 23, 2024


Best realistic prop

Best fantasy/unrealistic prop

Best Animated Prop or NFT

Best set/backdrop

Best special effects - visual

Best special effects - sound

Best Makeup

Best Makeup - Gore/Horror specific

NEW Best Game Video

Best stop-motion

Best use of new technology 

Best use of old technology

Best drone work

Best costume - history

Best costume - modern fashion

Best - original costume design

NEW - Best Puppet Design

NEW - Best stunt performance

Check out Filmfreeway.com/tammff for additional information, deadlines, and category descriptions. We accept all types of films including entertainment, educational, documentary, music video, shorts, and feature length.

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The First TAMMFF was held on  Friday the 13th in May, 2022 at the Auburn Public Theater. Read more here.

The Second Annual event was held Friday and Saturday June 9th and 10th, 2023 at the CNY Community Arts Center in Fulton, NY. Read more here